Monday, December 20, 2010

No Microwave!

Well... our microwave died. This is very difficult. Way more difficult than I ever imagined! I had to wait 15 minutes to heat up canned soup! It is frustrating being married and being in school. In today's economy it is almost impossible to get through life with only one person working within the household. We are defiantly feeling the stresses of being new home owners. Then I think, "Well, if all we are worrying about is a microwave we are going GREAT!" Everyone needs to stop worrying about luxuries such as the "microwaves of life" and such and think about the big picture. Some people can't afford "canned soup" aka the necessities of life. I would rather have canned soup than a microwave. We need to pull together and help people through trying times!

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  1. Great post Amber. I am really impressed with your blog. Great Job Girl!